To inculcate a spirit of confidence, participation and sportmanship, every year annual fucntion is scheduled and the management tries its best that every student of the school must perform something or the other.It is followed by annual sports day.All the festivals irrespective of religion are celebrated with lot of joy and fun.National days like Independence and Republic days are also celebrated in the school.

In order to encourage more and more participation of the students, school honors the meritorious students, whether it is in academics, sports, music & dance, debates, writing competition or drawing competition.Children are taken for picnics, educational tours and outings every year.


The art and craft periods are meant to streamline the creative energy of the students.In todays's world where the knowledge of computer is mandatory we provide extensive & exhaustive sessions where in the children are taught about the same.


No curriculum will be complete without physical education.Therefore great importance is given to sports. A sound mind stays in a sound body.And we take care that our students are charged-up physically and mentally. Fun and games are fundamental to the learning process that involves little children.To inculate in them a spirit of confidence, participation and sportmanship, the school offers a range of indoor and outdoor games.